Ashish Gaikwad

creative and tenacious problem solver


Jun 2016 → Present

Here at Varsito things move pretty fast! I take care of server, browser, mobile and everything in between.

SatNOGS Mumbai - Building A Satelite Ground Station

Oct 2015 → Present

I'm founding member of SatNOGS Mumbai and currently takes care of softwares. Also I conducted a satellite making workshop with Azad and Sachin to raise funding for SatNOGS.

CodeStrike - CodeChef Atharva Chapter

Jan 2014 → May 2016

To bring the coders of Atharva College together and help them to be better programmer, I founded CodeStrike as a chapter of CodeChef along with my friend Parikshit.

3D Printer

Aug 2015 → Dec 2016

I build a 3D printer from scratch with two awesome team mates


Jun 2015 → Aug 2015

As summer intern, I was responsible for developing a cross platform desktop app which can auto detect WiFi sensor and allow to configure it using UI. I also worked on web frontend specially on visualization using D3JS. Along with that I also got some exposure to Hadoop and Casscading frameworks, testing machine setups using VMs etc.


Jun 2015 → Jul 2015

As remote summer intern, I worked on KeystoneJS (NodeJS), MongoDB and database version management. Also prototyped Android app for 42Spices.


Dec 2014 → Feb 2015

As winter intern, I worked as full stack developer. Also created open source JavaScript library Backpack which provides UI components for BackboneJS apps.


Dec 2013 → May 2015

To impress a girl in college, I created a music search engine as a web app using AngularJS and PHP, Python for backend. SongKira was very popular among college students.